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Serena Gabriel is a visionary musician, performing and recording artist and multi disciplinary healing arts practitioner(L.Ac., MAcOM). She creates sacred space with intentional sound for innovative events and projects, performs worldwide and is a facilitator of group and private therapeutic sessions.

For over 20 years, Serena Gabriel has honed her skills of improvisation and connection to the audience through street performance, fire dance and by playing and dancing at esteemed venues all over the world including the Southwest U.S., Europe and Central America.

Serenaʼs exploration of world instruments, the healing arts and music production has led her to develop a unique style that spans several genres such as meditation, tribal medicine music, electro-acoustic, experimental and electronic. Whether she is playing drum and didgeridoo, flute or kalimba or incorporating the art of looping with acoustic instrumentation, vocals and electronic elements such as synths and samplers, the sound is a deeply felt and richly textured co-creation with the present moment.

Most recently, Serena has been collaborating with esteemed ambient composer, Steve Roach- their first release together being the immersive sonic mandala album, Nectar Meditation. Steve Roach also produced and played on Serena's album's, Inanna's Dream and Seeing Inside, both of which which were released on the Soundquest Music label and on Projekt Records .The collaboration continues as multiple inspired projects are currently underway. 


At this time of the pandemic, Serena maintains her private Acupuncture, Sound Therapy and Energy Work practice both in person and online, continues her deep study of sound production, Nada Yoga and the healing arts while continually creating in her Ancient Waves recording studio.

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